Fall 2017: Tipsy’s new beau

Tipsy has got herself a new friend. We couldn’t figure out at first if it was a he or she, because this duck was extremely shy and would fly away long before we approached the pond.


He’s very shy

It was rather small and had brown plumage just like a hen but on closer inspection, also a yellow bill (hens have dark brown/orange bills). It was most likely a drake in his summer clothes aka eclipse plumage.


Tipsy and Junior enjoy hanging out on the island

We are calling him Junior for now since he seems from his nervous behavior to be still rather young and inexperienced.

We wonder if Tipsy is considering him for a mate for next spring. We think she would have better chance with an older and more experienced partner. Still, we are glad Tipsy has a friend to hang out with for the remaining days before their winter migration.

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