Spring 2017: Quakie Videos

These videos were made during Quakie’s first two weeks of sitting on her nest. Frankie does not feature in them, as for the moment it seems all quiet on the pond front and he’s decided he’s not needed around 24/7. We think he’s out having a good time with his drake buddies… hopefully not chasing unattached duck hens!

Video 1: Quakie finds it tricky getting into the Duck Tube.

Video 2: Getting out is much easier:

Video 3: What Quakie does during her break from sitting on her eggs: preening and bathing…

Video 4: …and very importantly, eating. Quakie enjoys Country’s Best Gra-Mix from Versele-Laga, in water enriched with bird vitamins. The Gra-Mix consists of a variation of grains, seeds and very finely broken maize.  She supplements this with small animals and plant matter found while foraging in the pond and garden.

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