Spring 2017: Quakie not sitting on eggs

We are getting a little worried. Since around 7 March, Quakie has been laying eggs daily in the Duck Tube. Based on when we think the first egg was laid, there should already be 13 or 14 but she doesn’t seem to have started incubating them yet.

Quakie and Frankie hanging out together in the pond.

A few days ago,  we thought she was sitting on them, but she seems now to be spending much more time outside the nest than in it. In fact, she and Frankie do nothing all day except swimming, eating and sleeping.  We assume the silly duck should know what to do – she hatched two broods last year. Yet, we still can’t help worrying that the eggs will get too old and stop being viable.

Quakie however seems to be in high spirits, possibly since everything has been going smoothly for her this far.  She has got us weak-minded humans wrapped around her little finger (or rather, webbed toe) and has us providing ample supplies of grain, Koi food and frozen peas as often as she fancies.

Quakie searching for a snack of snails, slugs or little frogs, while Frankie stays on the look-out for interlopers.

Tipsy and her drake have been trying to get access to our pond and yard the last few days, but Frankie has been chasing them off. Poor Tipsy probably only wants to nest in our yard but it looks like she has to wait till Quakie starts sitting on her eggs and Frankie goes away.

Quakie likes having the whole yard to herself – she needs place to forage. We don’t mind – she helps us rid the garden and flower beds of pests like slugs, snails and froggies who love nothing better than to fill the pond with large blobs of frog spawn in the springtime!

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