Ducklings Week 8: If ducks like hot weather

Ducks getting a shower from watering can

Do ducks like hot weather? I am not sure they do. If you look at a distribution map of the Mallard species, you will see they are unlikely to be found in tropical climates. On the other hand, ducks are being used in rice farming in many regions in SE Asia like Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam – however these are probably domestic ducks or domestic cross bred with wild ducks.

We’ve been having an unusually hot summer. According one elderly neighbour, she hasn’t seen such temperatures since a particular year in the 50s! Plants love the sun though – there has been a huge explosion of growth, flowers, birds (and bugs too).

Ducks getting a water hose bath

The ducks obviously feel uncomfortable from the heat, and welcome any relief. They love it when I turn on the garden hose, and will waddle up, tuck their chins in and stick out their chests for me to spray a water jet at them – it is hilarious to watch. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, water streaming from a watering can or a jet from the water hose, the ducks like to stand directly under/in front of it and try to bite down on the water stream, or directly on the water spout or faucet. They are that crazy about water.

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