Ducklings Week 7: Baby wants to be a cool duck

Can you spot Baby and Tipsy?

Can you spot Baby and Tipsy?

Baby seems to be doing much better today. She is now able to put a little weight on the injured foot, and has graduated from a one-leg hop to a limping gait. Quakie has stopped bullying her as well, and things are slowly going back to normal for our duck family.

Last night, Baby spent the night outdoors for the first time since her leg injury 11 days ago. She is now too quick for me to catch her, a good sign she is regaining strength and use of her leg. She doesn’t want my cuddling or pampering either – nothing is now more important to her than being part of the “gang”, and it must be uncool for a duck of her age to be seen being carried about like a baby.

Close up: Baby

Isn’t she a pretty duck?

When the ducks march off in single file on one of their foraging tours, she rushes to get into the middle of the line, rather than lagging at the back, as if to prove to her siblings that she can be as quick and stealthy as they.

She has also become extra sensitive to non-verbal cues from the other ducks. If she thinks they are thinking about leaving the pond, she rushes to get out first so as not to get left behind, due to the extra time she requires to climb out from the water. Occasionally it’s a false alarm, and she ends up having to get back into the water again. But nothing is too difficult or troublesome for our little spunky duck; she seems only too happy to be part of the group again.

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