Ducklings: 6 weeks old!

Ducks explore wheat field nearby

Ducks explore wheat field nearby

Our ducklings are already 6 weeks old and getting bigger and stronger every day. They have matured not just physically but in other ways – they now know how to be quiet and stealthy when they are away from their safe area, the pond; they no longer talk incessantly as they did when they were smaller; they seem to be more confident and independent too. They will soon be juvenile ducks and no longer ducklings; for now, they are still fledglings, as they can’t fly yet.

Baby is a good looking duck!

Baby is a good looking duck!

Baby  seems to be getting better, or at least not so much in pain now that he is more able to keep up with his siblings when they go out to forage – also he is bullied less. He is still not using his right leg; he just holds the foot hanging limply in the air when hopping around on his other leg. The toes in his right foot look a little crooked – I hope it is not broken – his siblings’ feet seem so much bigger and the toes so much stronger looking. It feels sad to see his little dark grey crumpled foot, when the others are waddling around on such nice big and strong orange duck feet!

Don't disturb!

Don’t disturb!

Baby still sleeps indoors at night in our bedroom – he will continue to do so as long as I am still fast enough to catch him.  It is getting progressively harder to get him indoors at sundown – he will rest very near to the water, and when he sees me coming, he will edge closer and closer to the pond, prepared to jump in so I can’t catch him! When I can no longer catch him, he will be pretty safe from predators, too, and will be allowed to stay outside 🙂


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