Ducklings Week 6: Baby is bullied

Today I let Baby, who is currently sleeping in our bedroom at night while recovering from his leg injury, spend time with his siblings outdoors during the day. Unfortunately he does not seem welcome with the others any more, at least not with his big sister, who has been trying to chase him away by attacking him and pulling his feathers out – who knew ducks could be so cruel – poor little fella. He still insists on swimming and following his siblings around, however.

Baby after an emergency rescue

Baby after an emergency rescue

As you can imagine, we had to perform multiple emergency rescues throughout the day. When Baby comes indoors, he is safe from the bullying. However then he needs a lot of attention , stroking, feeding etc. before he will calm down and stop peeping his head off. Sometimes nothing at all will soothe him except letting him lie on my lap while I stroke him to sleep. I never knew ducks liked that, perhaps it’s only since he’s stressed or in pain. But then, I can’t do anything else – housework, yard work, answering emails, going out etc. all have to be put off while the duck nods off on my lap. At least he sleeps quietly through the night, once the lights are out!

We have to go out tomorrow, am considering if I should take the duck along with us in the car- the other ducks might kill him if we aren’t around to protect him in the backyard and he will freak out if we leave him alone indoors.


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