Ducklings Week 5: Baby has a limp :(

Last Sunday, when we were at the neighbours’ for a barbecue, our ducks came over (or rather, under the fence) to the neighbour’s garden to look for us – or perhaps, just to explore. It was hilarious seeing them pop out one after another from under the bushes! Fortunately the neighbour doesn’t mind them. I just hope they don’t  think they can go into his kitchen and help themselves to food they way they do at our house!

Duckies laying in the sun while workmen resurface the garden shed.

Duckies laying in the sun while workmen resurface the garden shed.

One of our ducks is still limping today, after the misadventure with the leg bands three days ago. He’s the smallest, the one we call “Baby”. Yesterday, he was swimming with one leg, his right, the one we’d put the band on, so I think he may have sprained the left leg. That meant  the band itself hadn’t hurt him but perhaps had hampered his movement and caused the injury. He could have been chased by a cat or some other animal, but I guess we’ll never know for sure what happened in the night, since the ducks can’t tell us. He seems a little better today. When all the ducks are finally able to fly, I will be relieved! We thought of caging up the little guy till he’s better, but I am sure we will get no peace from the other ducks if we try to break up their little family group.

The ducks have been eating almost all the floating Koi food we throw into the pond, and the Koi themselves are hardly getting any. The silly fish  don’t seem to realise that they need to eat faster, and not wait till the ducks gobble it up! They seem to spend all their time staring at the walls of the pond or swimming around aimlessly.  We have decided to buy them sinking fish food – a little harder for the hungry ducks to get at!


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