Ducklings Week 4: Sleeping outdoors alone!

Last night there was a big storm – lots of wind, rain, lightning and thunder. The ducks refused to come indoors, though we called them repeatedly. We’d hear only one duck cheeping in reply.

I went out to see what they were doing in all that wind and rain. All five were huddled together among the reeds making soft noises, but did not seem to have any intention of coming out of the pond. They seemed to like it there better than inside the house with us, so we left them outside, since they are already big ducks who feel they can take care of themselves!

In the morning, when we looked out the window, they were sleeping on the wet grass near the pond. H. whistled at them from the upstairs window, and the leader (the one we think is a girl) stood up and peeped loudly. The rest followed her command, and they came waddling across the lawn to our living room door.  I let them in and they waddled around, ate a bit, waddled around some more and then they pooped on the floor. It was then I thought they had been long enough inside, and showed them out of the door, and they happily waddled off to the pond!

We are big ducks now. Hear us roar!!

We are big ducks now. Hear us roar!!

H. says all the effort we put in buying the dog house and building the outdoor pen is gone to waste since they are obviously able, and in fact prefer, to live outdoors at night even when it’s raining and storming! I don’t know about that – am sure the pen will come in to good use at some point. The ducks won’t be able to fly for at least another month, and there may be nights when it will be very cold.

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