Ducklings Week 4: Sound strategy for survival

We are having some repair work done on the outside of our wood house. The workmen have been on the scaffolding attacking the walls all day long with their disc grinders. It sounds like a whole bunch of giant angry bees!

Duck conference...

Duck conference…

The ducks don’t pay them any attention at all. They (ducks) put up with all kinds of noise around them – from the nearby expressway, the stupid little terrier next door which likes to bark at the ducks, lawn mower noise etc. etc. and can even go to sleep on the lawn, with this incredible din around them, it’s incredible. All that they seem to be concerned about is eating and sleeping and exercising, and staying in their “safe” area. For the moment they don’t

Nice sunny afternoon for lazing in the grass!

Nice sunny afternoon for lazing in the grass!

seem to have much interest in wandering off from home, or getting into all sorts of trouble, the way pet cats and dogs often do because they (cats and dogs) are too curious. The ducks follow a rigid timetable and have no time for such frivolous behaviour. Surely a sound strategy for survival – maturing as fast as possible and not taking unnecessary risks, as long as they are still flightless.

A favourite basking spot

A favourite basking spot

In the day time, I am quite relieved to be able to go off for hours, and leave the very disciplined duckies by themselves in the pond. I can’t imagine leaving a curious kitten or playful puppy alone in the garden with the garden gate open, and a  team of workers walking around all day, electric cables, sharp tools and machines lying around everywhere. Sounds like a recipe for a disaster!

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