Ducklings Week 4: Natural comedians

Duck montage

Duck montage

Today we had to go out to run some errands. We were away from home just 4 hours – but H. wanted to rush back because he was worried about the ducks! They were fine without us of course – the weather is sunny today and they were hanging out at the pond as usual, although I think they were quite happy to see us and jumped out of the pond to greet me when I came into the backyard.

Stretching exercises are important!

Stretching exercises are important!

They are looking quite scraggly these days – and still very comical. Sometimes when they get excited, they run around bouncing on their tiptoes and madly flapping their tiny wings – it makes me laugh. I am sure if a larger bird like a full grown goose flapped their wings at me it would look scary, but a duckling just looks kind of silly.

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