Will soaked ducklings sink and drown?

Since they were a day old, our ducklings seem to have no problem staying afloat in the pond. It doesn’t matter what the internet duck experts say, my ducks do not want to wait till they are 3 weeks old to go swimming in a real pond. No paint-roller tray, bathroom sink or bathtub is going to be acceptable to them now that they have been outdoors in open water.

ducklings foraging in pond

Foraging in the pond

I stand by with a pond net just in case, but there seems no cause for worry. The little tykes are born to be in water. Why do you think they say that people take to something “like a duck to water”! It doesn’t bother them even if they are soaked to the skin. They will still forage, bathe and play in the water to their hearts’ content, and nothing you can say or do will induce them to leave the water until they are good and ready to do so.

Ducklings appear to have a communication code which I am still unable to detect. Once they feel it’s time to get out of the water, all of them spring out as if by clockwork, one after the other in a neat column. I am sure one of them gave the order, but it’s hard to tell who. They all look the same to me at the moment.

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