Duckling #1 starts a new day

mallard duckling hatched

Our brand new duckling, waiting to come out of the incubator

Our brand new duckling came out of the incubator this morning. I put him in the temporary brooder, and he crawled under the heating plate, seemingly completely exhausted, and slept soundly for the next few hours.

Anyway things were going swimmingly and I was beginning to think everything was going to be easy peasy, until he woke up and decided I was his Mommy and now won’t leave me alone!

If I so much as walk away from his box, he panics and tries to jump out and run after me, squeaking and peeping as loud as he can. If I left him alone, he would probably throw himself against the side of the box till he hurt himself or worse. So now I have to carry him everywhere and let him sleep on my tummy with his head in my hand before he will shut up, calm down and keep still.

Oh dear.

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