Internal pip on first egg!

Update on the duck eggs – one of them has done an internal pip!! I candled the egg around 9pm, and could see the shadow of a duck bill moving around in the air sac on the blunt end of the egg. So eggciting!! 🙂 Too bad I do not have a picture of this, as I didn’t want to risk having the egg out of the incubator too long or accidentally drop it while trying to get a good lighting angle.

Unfortunately, the other eggs don’t look as developed and seem at least a day or two behind. The air sacs are smaller in those eggs but I can definitely see movement in them when I shine the flashlight at a certain angle.

dizzy duck

Hatching is tiring enough for the duck without him hitting his head on the ceiling of the incubator.

Once the duckling has done an internal pip, it should be able to breathe and start making peeping noises, but I haven’t heard anything yet – still, it’s very encouraging!

I removed the egg turner tray (the black frame thing) from the incubator yesterday, and this evening I removed the incubation tray, and replaced it with the hatch tray. The hatch tray sits several cm lower in the incubator as compared to the incubation tray. I suppose it’s to allow the hatchlings more space to move around or stand up without hitting their heads on the “ceiling”.

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