Incubation – Day 14?

mallard eggs in incubatorLast night, we candled the duck eggs. They are now in the electric incubator we bought, which seems to be working just fine.

We were quite surprised and gratified to see that all still appeared to be alive. We could even see movement in them while candling. The embryos are sort of visible as dark blotches surrounded by clear fluid. The veins stretching out from the embryo  seem more pronounced as well.

According to the instructions the eggs should be taken out daily until the 25th day of incubation to be cooled down for 20 minutes, and then sprayed with water after being returned to the incubator. We didn’t understand the reason for this so we left the eggs in the incubator, opening it as little as possible. I marked the eggs so that we could tell if they were being rotated by the machine, but I can’t say for sure because they always seem to be in roughly the same position. H. has been hand-rotating them however several times a day just to be safe.

I estimate the eggs are in the 14th day of incubation, so there should be just 2 weeks left till hatching-day, if they make it that far!

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