Home incubator arrives

The incubator I ordered last week on Amazon finally came yesterday and the duck eggs are now in it! We don’t know yet if the eggs are still viable, will wait till tonight or tomorrow to candle them again.

egg incubator

The Janoel incubator – external view.

The incubator holds about 8-12 eggs, depending on type of egg. Duck eggs are somewhat larger than chicken eggs. There is definitely more than enough room for our 5 mallard eggs! The heater element and fan unit reside in the cover; the bottom section holds a small amount of water. Above this is a perforated white tray on which the egg tray (the black rectangular item) rests. The tray can be divided into several sections with the included plastic slide-in spacers. This is customisable to fit most egg sizes so that the eggs sit comfortably between adjacent spacers but is given enough room to roll or rotate when the tray is pushed laterally.

incubator internal view

Internal view showing the egg tray.

A rod extending from the inside of the cover must be inserted through a slot in the egg tray when the incubator is closed.   When the motor-controlled rod rotates, it pushes the black insert back and forth along “rails” on the white tray, rotating the eggs. Simple but effective design!

The set up of the thermostat was fairly straightforward – there is a LED display with some touch-sensitive buttons on the cover – but I did not find any adjustment or display for humidity, although the instructions said not to top up the unit with more than 100ml of water at a time.

There was also no indication how often the eggs would be rotated or if there was a setting or it.  The included English instructions were quite badly translated from the original language (I think Chinese) and the downloaded German instructions from the seller were not much better.   Playing around with the controls, I did not find any settings for humidity or rotation. I guess we just have to cross our fingers on this one!

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